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20 yearold Bulgarian-born and London-based vocalist Té Dee has a hypnotic voice and stage presence to die for.  Independent music company Bestoflondonmusic is showing this to the world with the release of her first single “Psycho” sure to be a hit.

 September 16, 2018

Music goes through its ups and downs something suffering from a lack of new artists who have that special combination of talent, looks, and just pure compelling energy.  The good news is London-based Bestoflondonmusic certainly have an eye for discovering people in this world putting together a roster of some of the most promising up and coming potential stars.  Leading the way is Bulgarian-born, living in London, but devoted to the world of singing  Té Dee, a beautiful artist with a voice to match.  Mixing elements of Pop, R&B, Caribbean electronic, Té Dee has recently dropped her first single for Bestoflondonmusic “Psycho”, where she puts her multifaceted talent and sultry voice on display.


“We have great expectations for the performance of both Té Dee and 'Psycho',” commented a spokesperson from Bestoflondonmusic.  “We see her incredible talent and charisma and once given a larger vehicle for people to be introduced to what she's doing we know the end results will be career changing for her and completely enticing for her listeners.  It's a win-win for all concerned.  If sweetness was a sound, Then Té Dee has all the sugars in her voice ”

The early feedback for “Psycho” has been passionate.

Helen C., from Birmingham, recently said in a five-star review, “My friend put me on to Té Dee and 'Psycho', letting me have an advanced review copy, and I have been playing the song non-stop since.  I really hope an EP or even a full album are on the way soon.  It would be amazing I'm fully sure.”

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